A Glimpse of a Regenerative Future

REGENER8 is a digital publication that advocates for individuals practicing, supporting or engaging regeneration of our eco-system, soil, food chain, communities and culture. We do this by promoting, connecting and engaging though collaborative partnerships.


Inside the publication you will find articles, features and stories from people who are demonstrating that with a little shift in attitude, some visionary innovations and a little added carbon, the world's environmental issues can be solved and solved quickly. This is a magazine to inspire and to teach. 


"Take Hope, for the earth's ability to restore and regenerate has been vastly underestimated."  #heartyourfarmer

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"There ain’t nothing more rock n roll 

than CARBON. It fixes our soil, removes 

poisons from our food, saves the bees, 

saves the reefs, eradicates drought and 

DEMANDS a healthy future for your 

children. CARBON literally friggen ROOOCKS!"






To freely promote, market, advertise and connect regenerative practitioners in a publication that services the regenerative community.


To prioritise the promotion and resourcing of a rapid transition to regenerative farming practices that integrates social development projects that connect consumer action to farm regeneration. 

To connect 1 million Australians to engage and action awareness around RA practices as the leading environmental solution mitigating climate change.

To showcase the activities of our fund-raising platform CARBON8.


To provide a strong and cohesive global voice for the regenerative community Australia.

To unify the three tiers of Regeneration: Environmental Issues, Social Justice Issues and Indigenous Issues.


"The actions of our farmers will define the future of the reef."


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Is it the story of carbon? Is it the story of soil?

Is it the story of farmers? Is it the story of grand-children?

Is it the story of earth? Is it the story of saving earth?
Is it the story of foodies? Is it the story of families?

Is it the story of the future? Is it the story of the past?

Is it the story of our food-chain? Is it the story of our disease?

Is the story of the environment? Is the story of justice?

Is it the story of drought? Is the story of rain?

Is it the story of unity? Is it the story of our indigenous?

Is it the story of heart mass? Is it the story of heart maths?

Is it the story of agriculture? Is it the story of hope?

Is it the greatest story ever told?

If you are a participating in an activity, community or product that is in service to regenerating any aspect of our environment, indigenous or social communities we honour your work and invite you to contribute to REGENER8. This can be in the form of a promotion, an advertisement, a classified, an article, a story, an image, a field-day flier - in fact anything that supports and furthers your work. We invite you to freely participate with us and publish at no charge your content. 


Government and business are being asked to do more than ever to solve social and environmental problems. As a result, a growing number of leading organisations and impact investors are taking the challenge of sustainability seriously, to find real solutions in taking action to catalyse Impact solutions: deepening their Ability to Serve the Community in transformational ways. RA is quickly positioning itself as the number one leading environmental solution to the world’s insurmountable problems, and a partnered investor would enjoy a powerful commercial force as good publicity and sustainable progress are welcomed by a concerned commercial marketplace. 


We Invite You To Invest In RA as One Of The Top Environmental Solutions of 2020. Creating an exciting partnership for sustainability and supporting the RA community positively impact our world. 

"Fixing the soil is not so much about healing the earth, as it is about healing you. Metaphysically. Emotionally. Biologically. The very action of nurturing your home restores her ability to nurture you. This is an individual personal relationship between mother and child."



REGENER8 is a firm supporter of free-share resources. Alongside the Carbon Communication Alliance, the National Regenerative Agriculture Day & CARBON8 we aim to address the massive creative-breach at both the individual and larger societal levels between the science & education of regenerative agriculture and the marketing & promotion of regenerative agriculture. This chasm assures the vast majority of research never makes it to consumer market and remains un-adopted at a broader public level, frustratingly setting RA back decades as the leading environmental solution. Carbon remains an unfamiliar concept for most consumers and members of the general public. The National Regenerative Agriculture Day & REGENER8 aims to achieve mass social outreach promoting RA. Connecting 1 million Australians to engage and action awareness around RA practices as the leading environmental solution mitigating climate change.

You are welcome to download these posters and utilise freely within your organisation, movement or classroom. 

Email us for more information: regener8editorial@hotmail.com