REGENER8 is a digital platform that is aiming for  distribution of over 400,000 subscribers inc social media partners, impact partners, community organisations, schools, gardens, markets, and farms by the end of 2019.



Our readers are individuals or organisations that are primarily concerned with immediate environmental solutions and interested in understanding regenerative agriculture, championing regenerative agriculture, transitioning to regenerative agriculture or engaged in regenerative culture.


Social Media

Our social media platform increases on average by 100 people a day. We currently have 7000+ associated with our FB page and over 22,000 people associated with The National Regenerative Agriculture Day. 



By collaborating with many organisations REGENER8 is currently estimated to be sent via email to 110,000 inboxes of individuals concerned with regenerative solutions.

Your investment : $1200 quarterly 

1. Your organisation will be allocated 1 Full Page Advertisement per edition.


2.  Your organisation will be allocated 2 Full Page Editorials in every edition of REGENER8.


3. Further more your organisation will be featured as a “regenerative partner” in all media / publicity for The National Regenerative Agriculture Day held on Valentine’s Day every year. #heartyourfarmer. 


4. Further more we offer your organisation a unique link to the digital  platform so you can send REGENER8 out on your network as part of your organisations customer communication, newsletter or RA update. 



Advertising / Editorial Deadline Jan 24th

 Publication Printed & Distributed Feb 14th

Advertising / Editorial Deadline April 24th

 Publication Printed & Distributed May 14th

Advertising / Editorial Deadline July 24th

 Publication Printed & Distributed Aug 14th

Advertising / Editorial Deadline Oct 24th

 Publication Printed & Distributed Nov 14th